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Seeing Hope in the Dark

“Technological evolution is the result of our own desire to lead a better life.” R.S Amblee Technology is something that is going a fast pace in the race of evolution. Imagine through those negatives, the Medical Professionals in the Field of Radiology such as, Radiologists can determine the patient’s diagnosis or prognosis by just looking at the negatives from the patients and reading them and deciphering the x-ray films. Its amazing that through the black and whites there is a conclusion, on what the patients condition, and how to solve it. As technology improves on every time, so does the anatomy of the Human Body. X-ray films of a patient is like a road map of their life. It tells the history, present condition, and determines the future. How long does it take for the Radiologist to read it through? How fast can one interpret those? It’s a real challenge, but it only takes one determined and committed person to make a difference and see the hope through the dark.

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